About the Whittlesea Malayalee Association (WMA)

Whittlesea Malayalee Association (WMA) is a cultural community formed in 2009 and transformed into an association in 2017 by like-minded people representing the tradition and rich heritage of God’s own country, Kerala, India. WMA is a registered non-profit organisation of Keralite’s(people from state of Kerala in India) residing in Whittlesea City council and neighbouring Suburbs.

Our aim is to preserve and maintain our culture and traditions and to help ourcommunity in integrating with wider Australian community, while maintain our values and cultural identity.

As a Registered Charity, the main objective of the association is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Whittlesea council and surrounding areas without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, and race or of political, religious or other opinions. By associating we can work together to provide each other facilities with the interests of social welfare, recreation and leisure-time activities to improve our life conditions.

WMA is planning to conduct numerous cultural programmes, Arts and sports activities throughout the year for all age groups. Association provides various opportunities and encourages its members to participate and take leadership in all activities to enhance their skills and talents. WMA provides a forum for the Malayalee’s residing in and around Whittlesea to meet and expand their friendship and exchange their views and artistic talents and cultural heritage.

Our Objectives

  • To take an active role in furthering the interests of our Community/other Communities.

  • To assist the members of the Association or other approved Charities either financially or materially at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  • To develop and maintain close contacts with any other association or club whose aims and objectives are consistent with those of the Association.

  • Publicising the contribution, competence, and accomplishments of the Association as well as its members.

  • To develop and maintain liaison with various Government bodies to help create deeper appreciation of new migrants, e.g., (i). Provide basic counselling services; (ii). Utilize available community programmes etc.

  • To preserve culture, tradition, folklore and folk music and to promote the character and interest thereof.